03 - 06 NOVEMBER 2019

RT17 Presentation

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Monday, 04 November 2019
Preparatory Cluster 1
Natural Processes, Technological Advancement, or Both?

Mr Cameron Plese, Deputy US Representative, RSPO

Digital Worker Engagement for the Advancement of the RSPO Human Rights and Social Standards
Ms Vera Belazelkoska, Director of Programs, Ulula

Harnessing DNA and Blockchain Technology for First-Mile Palm Oil Traceability
Mr Erik Malmstrom, Chief Executive Officer, SafeTraces

Fulfilling the Potential of Smallholder Producers with Digital Solutions
Ms Maria Goretti, Palm Oil Programme Manager, Solidaridad Colombia

Aerial Compliance – Transparency & Efficient Assessment Process
Mr Nicholas Cheong, Global RSPO Scheme Manager, BSI Group

Preparatory Cluster 2
Assurance - Keeping You in Check 
Ms Liz Clarke, Global Palm Oil Lead, WWF Singapore

RSPO' Assurance: From Paper to Credible Implementation
Mr Paul Wolvekamp, Advisor, Both ENDS
Mr Agus Purnomo, Managing Director for Sustainability and Strategic Stakeholder Engagement, Golden Agri Resources
Ms Emily Kunen, Global Responsible Sourcing Leader, Palm Oil & Seafood, Nestlé SA

Quality Assurance is key to RSPO Credibility

Dr Marcus Colchester, Senior Policy Advisor, Forest Peoples Programme
Coffee Break
Preparatory Cluster 3
You, Me & Them: Championing Rights 

Ms Jet Urmeneta, Director, Capacity Building, Verite Southeast Asia

Ms Amalia Falah Alam, Country Representative Indonesia, CNV Internationaal
Ms Lara White, Senior Specialist for Labour Migration and Human Development, International Organisation for Migration
Mr Khai Yau Chua, Senior Program Manager, Responsible Business Alliance
Ms Perpetua George, General Manager - Group Sustainability, Wilmar International Limited
Preparatory Cluster 4
RSPO Implementing No Deforestation

Ms Anne Rosenbarger, SEA Commodities Manager, World Resources Institute & Co-Chair, RSPO

Mr Olivier Tichit, Director for Sustainable Supply Chain, Musim Mas Group

Implementation of Criteria 7.12 Requirements
Ms Lee Kuan Yee, Senior Sustainability Manager, KLK Berhad

No Deforestation Principle: Next Steps & Aspects to Consider

Ms Jenny Walther-Thoss, Policy Officer Sustainable Biomass & Standards, WWF Germany

Implementing No Deforestation by RSPO

Mr Grant Rossoman, Global Forests Solutions Senior Advisor, Greenpeace
Preparatory Cluster 5
Coffee with Complaints Panel: What’s Brewing?

Mr Dan Strechay, US Representative - Outreach & Engagement, RSPO

Panel Members
Dato' Henry Barlow
Ms Lim Sian Choo
Ms Lanash Thanda
Ms Michelle Desillet
Mr Matthias Diemer
Ms Jose den Toom
Mr Peter van der Werf
Ms Marieke Leegwater
Preparatory Cluster 6
Bridging the Gap Between Smallholders and Markets

Mr Elikplim Dziwornu Agbitor, Technical Manager, Africa, RSPO

Mr Hiew Koh Thien, Director, NY Hiew Holdings
Mr Narno Sayoto, Group Manager, Asosiasi Petani Sawit Swadaya Amanah
Mr Ahmadou Cisse, Country Representative, Solidaridad Cote D’Ivoire
Mr Ivan Novrizaldie, 
Certification and Traceability Senior Manager, Asian Agri Group
Coffee Break
Preparatory Cluster 7
Our Shared Planet

Mr Michael Guindon, Palm Oil Technical Advisor, Zoological Society of London

Scoping the Potential Unintended Impacts of the RSPO Certification Standard on Biodiversity and Natural Habitats
Dr Jennifer Lucey, Knowledge Exchange Fellow, University of Oxford & SEnSOR Programme Manager, SEARRP

Human-Wildlife Conflict: Understanding the Conflict and Exploring the Opportunity to Co-exist
Ms Aida Ghani Quilter, Sime Darby Plantation Berhad

Landscapes, Livelihoods and Smallholder Welfare & Impacts of RSPO
Dr Janice Lee, Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University

Update: Peat and RSPO Drainability Assessment
Mr Faizal Parish, Director, Global Environment Centre
Preparatory Cluster 8
How to Create RSPO ‘Norm’ 

Ms Inke van der Sluijs, Head of European Operations, RSPO

Mr Kristjan Jespersen, Assistant Professor, Copenhagen Business School
Preparatory Cluster 9
Moving Towards Deforestation Free Supply Chains in India, China and Middle East

Mr Kamal Prakash Seth, Country Head, India, RSPO

Mr Rijit Sengupta, Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Responsible Business
Mr Paul Thachil, Managing Director - Oils & Fats, IFFCO Group

Mr Jin Zhonghao, Head of Markets Practice, WWF China
Mr Ashish Saraf, President, Manorama Industries Limited
Ms Morgan Gillespy, 
Global Director, Forests, Climate Disclosure Project (CDP)
Mr Haskarlianus Pasang, Head of Sustainability Policy and Compliance, Golden Agri Resources
Preparatory Cluster 10
The Next Decade: Palm Oil & Certified Sustainable Palm Oil

Ms Bilge Daldeniz, Programme Director of International Programmes, Proforest

Palm and Laurics Oil Market Outlook
Dr Sathia Varqa, Owner & Co-Founder, Palm Oil Analytics

The Next Decade: The Direction for Sustainable Palm Oil
Mr Rahul Rajashekar Shastry, Manager, Sustainability & Supply Chain, Wilmar International Limited

The View from the RSPO
Mr HS Yen, Data Scientist, RSPO
RT17 Day 1 Ends
Tuesday, 05 November 2019
RT17 Opening Ceremony

Welcome Address
Datuk Darrel Webber, Chief Executive Officer, RSPO

Keynote Paper: Feeding 9.5 Billion People Sustainably by 2050
Mr Sunny George Verghese, Co-Founder & Group CEO, Olam International Limited
Coffee Break
Plenary Session 1
Achieving Shared Responsibility

Ms Aimee Russillo, Independent Consultant, LiSeed Consulting

Ms Bilge Daldeniz, Programme Director for International Programmes, Proforest
Ms Lim Sian Choo, Group Head of Corporate Secretarial Services and  Corporate Social Responsibility, Bumitama
Ms Natasha Schwarzbach, Sustainable Commodities, PepsiCo
Mr James Whitehead, Director, Forest Peoples Programme
Ms Ghislaine Nadaud, Head of Sustainability Asia Pacific, ABN Amro Bank NV
Ms Oi Soo Chin, Impacts & Evaluation Director, RSPO
Plenary Session 2: Driving Uptake: Action-Oriented Commitments

Mr Dan Strechay, US Representative - Outreach & Engagement, RSPO
Using Strengths to Drive Shared Value
Mark Eastham, Senior Manager, Sustainable Products, Walmart

John Buchanan
Vice President, Sustainable Production, The Center for Environmental Leadership in Business, Conservation International

Driving Uptake: Action-Oriented Commitments

Dr Meryl Richards, Senior Manager, Food and Forests, CERES
Coffee Break
Plenary Session 3
RSPO Jurisdictional Transformation

Professor Simon Tay, Chairman, Singapore Institute of International Affairs
Behind the Scenes: Seruyan District - 100% RSPO
Mr Yulhaidir, Head of Seruyan District, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

The Implementation of the Sabah JCSPO Initiative : Key Achievements and the Way Forward
Mr Frederick Kugan, Deputy Chief Conservator of Forests (Planning and Management), Sabah Forestry Department, Malaysia

Ecuador's Jurisdictional Approach Initiative
Ms María Amparo Albán, Executive Director & CEO, ACD Consulting

Jurisdictional Approach to Certification

Dr Glyn Davies, Senior Advisor, WWF & Co-Chair of RSPO JWG
RT17 Day 2 Ends

Wednesday, 06 November 2019
Plenary Session 4
Evidensia: Informing Action for a Sustainable Future

Ms Vidya Rangan, Senior Manager, Impacts and Evidence, ISEAL Alliance

Comparative Life Cycle Assessment:- RSPO-Certified vs Non-Certified
Dr Jannick Schmidt, Chief Executive Officer, 2.-0 LCA Consultants

When Palm Oil Sustainability Pays: The Better Palm Oil Index 
Dr Sarah Lake, Managing Director of Supply Chains, Climate Advisers

Does Certifying Oil Palm Help Alleviate Poverty?
Dr Matthew Struebig, Reader in Conservation Science, Durrell Institute of  Conservation and Ecology (DICE), University of Kent
Coffee Break
Plenary Session 5
RSPO ISH Standards: Galvanising Independent Smallholders to Jump into the Bandwagon

Mr Ashwin Selvaraj, Head of Smallholder Programme, RSPO

Ms Rukaiyah Rafiq, Head Principle of Smallholder School, FORTASBI
Mr Michael Guindon, Palm Oil Technical Advisor, Zoological Society of London
Ms Ingrid Richardson, Senior Manager of Sustainable Sourcing, Unilever
Ms Sharyn Shufiyan, Partnership Services Lead, Wild Asia

Mr Ian OrrellHead of Sustainability & Quality Management
New Britain Palm Oil Limited
Ms Marieke Leegwater, International Program Coordinator, Palm Oil, Solidaridad
Four Pillars of Sustainable Palm Oil Production in Thailand
Mr John Clendon, Managing Director, Univanich Palm Oil PCL

Closing Address
Ms Anne Rosenbarger, Co-Chair, RSPO
16TH Annual General Assembly of RSPO Members (GA16)
GA16 Ends